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Frequently Asked Questions

       I'm locked out of my course. What should I do?

If you can't access your course, please contact our Technical Support team by calling 800.824.8742, then choose option #3.

Please visit the Contact Us page for current tech support hours.

      I've forgotten my username and/or password. Help!

No worries! Click here to visit the Account Recovery page to have your username or password emailed you.

Please note: if your company does not allow you to log in with a username and password, please contact your company directly for login assistance.

      How do I log in to access my online tools?

After logging in, click the Access Your Courses button across the top menu. If you do not see this option, you are not yet enrolled to any courses or your access has expired.

      I have questions about my course. Who can help me?

If you're currently enrolled in one of our courses and have questions related to:

• Locating/tracking materials, rescheduling a class, or filing of CE credits, please contact our Student Support team: 800.824.8742 or contactus@kaplan.com.

• Accessing or viewing your courses or assistance with online education, our Technical Support team can help you: 800.824.8742, then choose option #3.

Please visit the Contact Us page for current tech support hours.

      What is the Student Resource Center?

In the Student Resource Center, you will be able to find materials to help you along your educational path, including user guides, best practices and exam tips.

      Is Kaplan Financial Education an approved school?

      What are the system requirements for your online courses?

Current system requirements can be found on our Tech Support page.Current system requirements can be found on our Contact Us page.

      Where can I change my name, address, phone, etc?

To edit your profile, simply login and click on the “myAccount” button in the navigation menu on the left.

      Must I complete my online course in one sitting, or can I log out and come back to it later?

ALL exams (reading quizzes, final exams, unit exams, etc.) must be completed in one sitting with no breaks, with exception to Qbanks only.

      Is my credit card transaction/sale secure?

Yes. Secure Socket Layer (SSL), with the highest level of encryption available, is used to encrypt all of your personal information, including credit card number, name, address, and social security number, so that this information cannot be read as it is transmitted online. For all pages through which personal information is transmitted, SSL is used.

      What is the refund/return policy?

For refund/return policies, please refer to the "Terms and Conditions" policy by clicking here.

      Who is Kaplan Financial Education?

The Kaplan Financial Education you see today is a product of continued evolution and passion for student education and success in the financial industry. Originating in 1970, and acquired by Kaplan, Inc., in 1998, Kaplan Financial Education has held true to the goal of providing efficient, effective study tools to students regardless of learning style or budget.

Offering self-study as well as live and online options, Kaplan Financial Education leads the industry with the most study tools and delivery methods available from any single provider. Our dedication to education can be seen in our learning strategy, the Kaplan Way, as well as our faculty and instructors, who are not just experienced academics-they're also practicioners who know what it takes to pass the exams and succeed in the real world.

      What is the Kaplan Way?

Please visit the Kaplan Way section of the student resource center to learn more about our learning science methodology.